Why SquareOne is called a console?

SquareOne is a reminder of how we play social games together. Its size can accommodate up to 8 players depending on the choosen game. His Smart Border recognizes dedicated connected objects and letting the pieces move on and off the SquareOne screen. Its sound, visual performances … Every features offers comfort and innovative high quality game concepts.

Will your games be available exclusively on SquareOne?

Yes. By its new way of playing together, with pawns, cards, dice and other connected objects, Wizama offers new gaming experiences that will only be available on SquareOne.

Do I have to buy a SquareOne for every specific game ?

No. SquareOne is a console, so you will be able to have all your favorite games available on it directly. Whether it’s RPG, investigative games, more traditional games, city-builders, strategy games etc. Our desire is to offer you a large number of high quality games.

How many games can be stored into the SquareOne?

SquareOne has sufficient internal storage capacity to hold a game library of one hundred game. It will also be possible to extend its capacity if necessary.

I like paper boardgames, why do you think I need to buy your product?

With SquareOne, we sought to keep the codes and rules of board game and video game. The presence of pawns and connected objects, dear to board game lovers, are preserved. The pleasure of playing together around a table, looking at each other, observing, cooperating, bluffing, cheating … is part of this new use that SquareOne offers. And we propose, beyond the problem of storage of game boxes, universes that evolve according to your experiences, new gameplays and game modes never before imagined.

Can I play the console in the middle of the Gobi Desert?

Although it is very hot and sandy, you can play freely with your friends on SquareOne where you want and when you want. Its autonomy of 3 hours, its size and its weight, allow you these small follies in the middle of nowhere! (A backpack will be avalaible to carry it easily).

Is it difficult to play? Can I play with my aunt who has never played video games?

Yes ! Our research is to cultivate the link between generations. Breaking the barriers of the difficulties that are encountered in the handling of video games and the difficulty of learning the rules of board games. We offer a simplified experience through the technological magic of SquareOne. We rely on player’s intuition as well.

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