Discover interactive board games

A new experience combining board games with video games, tradition with technology

Let playing pieces come alive

Imagine that cards and dices could have special powers, and that tokens could really act on the gameboard…

Bring people together

Share fun and playful experiences and explore innovative ways of playing together with friends and family

Board game console

Our board game console is a prototype. It has a built-in touch screen and its own controllers (cards, dice, pawns) offering physical-digital interactions

Main features

Through the board game console, you will download new interactive board games, record games, change languages and modify player’s profil. With built-in speakers, music can be part of board games

Our games

We’ve created brand new games specifically developed for our board game console with hybrid gameplay

Oya Stones

Oya Stones is a racing game inspired by the children’s classic Game of Goose. It’s an easy game to learn, yet fun for all ages.


Krubera is a competitive game combining luck and tactics where each player has to shoot simultaneously at blob monsters to collect their gems and win the game.


Chromacy is a strategic game of conquest. Each player uses strategy to move, shoots at their opponents and conquers the board with their color.


We are wizama, a young company based in Brittany (France). We love games of all kinds, both video games and board games.

One day, we realised that our children didn’t want to play board games with us anymore and preferred playing games on the tablet instead.

So we decided to create a board game console, combining board games with video games, and thus imagine new ways of playing together.

 They trust us


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