SquareOne®: the Social Game console

Bringing a unique and original way to play together. It merges tabletop gaming with classical video gaming. Featuring a full-surface magic screen, multiple dice and their fully customizable tower, cards and pawns that act as controllers, enabling both physical and digital interaction – which ultimately leads players to get a whole new full experience.

Intuitive gaming experience

Physical objects are pure vectors of friendliness, we can share, move, use, and even customize them. SquareOne® gives life to these real objects to amplify the gaming experience and facilitate its discover. Learning the rules becomes simple, let the game show you how to play.

Play cards

Shuffle, pick and constitute your hand of cards as in any board game. Watch, as you activate them on the console, the magic operating again!

Move your pawn

Give life to your own character by touching, moving, rotating the associated pawn all over the screen.

Roll the dice

For all those who prefer the roll of dice in a board game, you will be delighted to know that you will be able to play with real dice and its smart dice track, for any games requiring a roll.

Dress the Smartboard

The overall border of the SquareOne can be customized – placing a skin over it will launch the corresponding game automatically, or needed by some games – requiring to place docks as important game elements like pawns.

Game in-tutorial

Can’t remember the rules of the game? The SquareOne will got you covered, by displaying the main rules of the selected game. The best part of it? It’s easier to read, understand and remember, and it’s available in all languages of the current players.

And much more...


Save & Resume later

Start a game one day, and continue later. SquareOne remembers how to position every pieces when resuming.

Play anywhere

Whatever you prefer playing in friends house, or outside sitting on the grass, thanks to its battery, you can bring SquareOne everywhere with you!

Sound & Music

Enjoy a better immersion in your board games thanks to incorporated audio speakers. Some new gameplays are also now possible.


Play together even with other language players. The console is able to display every text individually in players language.

Games for all players

We are designing specific brand new games
adapted to the console advantages, and also
work with selected partners to bring you a new
experience of your favorite board games.

Games are made for players, and we are actively
testing several new games concepts. You can be
a part of this adventure, and register to our team
of beta-tester.

Games On Demand

The game store is the place where you can have access to a large selection of all type of games. It is available directly on SquareOne®.

Anytime and anywhere, you can always find a game that fits your desires.

Stay tuned to get information.

Your game on SquareOne®

You are a publisher, a game studio, a game developer, a
game designer, a school teacher, a student, or
you just have a game concept that will be awesome
on our console, you are welcome!!

We would like to hear from you, so take a look to
our partnership page.

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We have already meet lots of players on various conventions in all Europe. It’s only the beginning and we will continue to get your feedback to make the best product ever for players.

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